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7 Local SEO Tools to Improve Your Local Search Rankings

Dec 11, 2023 |   Best Local SEO Tools

The key to success in today’s highly competitive online world is grabbing the attention of your local audience. If your business isn’t showing up in local search results, you’re likely missing out on significant opportunities.

But how do you ensure local customers find your business?

The answer lies in effective local SEO strategies.

Like regular SEO, local SEO optimizes a website to increase its visibility on local search engines and attract local customers.

By optimizing your local search results, you will be more likely to be found by customers who are searching in your local area. It helps you get more customers by increasing your visibility in search engines and local packs.

And the best way to do this is by using local SEO tools.

In this blog, we will explore the seven best local SEO tools to boost your business’s search rankings. These tools simplify your efforts, provide meaningful insights, and drive your business to the top of local search results.

Without further ado, let’s optimize your local online presence!

Why Do You Need to Invest in Local SEO?

If you didn’t know, Local SEO is a strategy to boost a business’s visibility in local online searches. This ensures that it appears prominently when users look for related products or services in a specific area.

For example, imagine you own a coffee shop in Boston. When a coffee lover who resides in or visits Boston searches for “coffee shops near me” or “best coffee in Boston,” you would want your business to appear at the top of the search results. Local SEO boosts visibility by informing search engines about your business’s relevance and trustworthiness. 

When you optimize your website for local search, it becomes more visible and prominent on search engines like Google and other platforms.

Before we dive into the specific tools that can help improve your local search rankings, let’s first discuss why investing in local SEO is essential for businesses.

Reach Your Target Audience

You can reach targeted customers by focusing on those looking for products or services near them. This will help you attract customers who are more likely to become customers.

Stand Out from the Competition

Local search optimization enhances your visibility, allowing you to surpass competitors. Enhance your website’s rankings and expand your customer base by implementing local SEO optimization strategies.

Increase Online Visibility

Local SEO also helps increase your online visibility, making it easier for targeted customers to find your business when they search online. It helps to lead to more website traffic, leads, and visits to your location.

Boost Your Reputation

A strong presence on local search can significantly boost your reputation among customers. Your business information should be accurate and up-to-date across different online platforms. You can establish credibility with your target market. Also, make your customers more loyal.  


Increasing local SEO is a more cost-effective alternative than other marketing channels. You can attract targeted traffic without spending a penny on advertising by optimizing your online presence.

7 Best Local SEO Tools in 2024

1. SuiteJar

SuiteJar Home Page

SuiteJar is one of the leading local SEO tools you can use. It offers various features that can help you enhance your local search engine rankings. The two key features of SuiteJar that can help you with local SEO are keyword planner and backlink analysis. 

Using the keyword planner feature, you can obtain all the local keywords you require for your local SEO campaign. You can stay on top of the game by identifying closely related local keywords to make your business appear as the top pick in local searches.

The backlink analysis tool helps you get local-level backlinks relevant to your business. These local connections will boost your website’s authority, allowing you to create a solid online presence in your city and become the preferred business among locals.

Key Features

  • First-Page Ranker: 

This feature highlights pages with high first-page ranking potential when optimized. It provides detailed insights, including the current keyword ranking, suggested keywords for improvement, and missing elements like alt text, schema, internal, and backlinks. 

  • Outdated Content:

You can identify outdated content on your website. This lets you keep your site updated and relevant, which is essential for maintaining a solid online presence.

  • Easy Web Analytics: 

Easy web analytics suite, enabling you to better understand your website’s traffic and user behavior. 


SuiteJar pricing

Pricing for SuiteJar begins at $9 per month with a free trial period of 14 days.

2. Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is a free-to-use tool that helps businesses manage their online presence across the Google ecosystem. By claiming and optimizing your GMB listing, you can control the information that appears about your business in Google Search results. It helps to promote your products or services, share updates, and engage with customers.

Key Features

  • Business Profile Management

GMB allows businesses to create and manage their business profile on Google. This can include information like address, hours of operation, and a link to the website.

  • Customer Interaction

GMB allows businesses to interact directly with customers by responding to reviews and answering questions.

  • Upload Posts

The platform lets companies share news, offers, and updates directly on their Google listing, keeping potential customers informed and engaged.


Completely Free

3. Semrush


SEMRush is a local SEO tool that offers a wide range of functionality. Known as the perfect keyword research tool, it will let you do detailed keyword research and monitor your competitors’ keyword strategies. Also, it can perform SEO audits, identify backlink opportunities, and more. 

Key Features

  • Competitor Analysis

The platform offers profound insights into the competition’s keyword strategy, enabling businesses to implement more effective SEO tactics.

  • SEO Audit:  

This auditing feature thoroughly assesses a blog or website’s SEO performance, identifying areas of improvement and potential optimization opportunities.

  • Backlinking Opportunities

This feature aids in identifying and capitalizing on backlink opportunities, a crucial aspect of local SEO that can significantly elevate a website’s visibility and authority.



SEMrush is a subscription-based service with several pricing tiers. The starting price starts from $129 monthly.

As you can see, SEMrush is quite expensive. So, if you’re looking for reliable and affordable alternatives, here are some SEMrush alternatives

4. Moz


Moz is a widely used tool for local SEO, known for its user-friendly interface and impressive features. Business can improve their online visibility and rank higher in local search results with actionable strategies. Moz specializes in local keyword research, competitor analysis, SEO audits, and finding backlinks

Key Features

  • Local Keyword Research

This functionality enables businesses to discover locally relevant keywords, which can help improve their visibility in local search results.

  • Rank Tracking:

 It can track the ranking of a business within local search results. It provides regular updates on ranking progression. It helps companies to understand their local SEO performance.

  • Moz Local

Moz Local improves local search ranking and visibility. This is accomplished by maintaining accurate and comprehensive business information.



Pricing begins at $99, and various package options are available.

We’ve rounded up the best Moz competitors so you can pick the right tool for your digital marketing strategy.

5. Ahrefs

Ahrefs homepage

Ahrefs local SEO tool is renowned for its extensive backlink database. This includes competitor analysis, keyword research, ranking tracking, and backlink analysis. The user-friendly interface and meticulous reporting mechanisms make it easy to use.

Key Features

  • Competitive Analysis

Businesses can closely inspect their competition’s SEO strategies, backlink profiles, and keyword usage. Local search rankings can be optimized by understanding what works for the competition.

  • Keyword Research

This feature helps businesses discover specialized relevant keywords and search volumes. Businesses can improve their visibility in local search results by identifying these keywords.

  • Backlink Research: 

Ahrefs has an extensive backlink database. The tool analyzes backlink profiles and identifies opportunities for local backlinks. With the help of this backlink checker, businesses can improve their local SEO performance by increasing their authority and credibility



Prices start at $99 per month, and three price packages are available: standard, advanced, and enterprise.

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6. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Home Page

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a highly effective auditing and optimization tool. Key features include finding broken links and analyzing page titles and metadata. It is also helpful in generating XML sitemaps and visualizing the architecture of a website. You can improve your local search rankings and visibility with Screaming Frog SEO Spider insights.

Key Features

  • WebsiteCrawling

Screaming Frog SEO Spider has powerful website crawling capabilities. Businesses can improve their visibility in local search results by addressing the SEO issues and opportunities identified in this audit.

  • Metadata Analysis

This tool analyzes page titles and metadata. A business can ensure its website’s metadata is tailored to local search trends by reviewing and optimizing this often-overlooked aspect of SEO.

  • XML Sitemap Generation:

 This feature helps in generating XML sitemaps. Businesses should use sitemaps to improve search engine optimization because they make it easier for search engines to find, crawl, and index their content.


Screaming Frog SEO Spider Pricing page

A free package is available, and the annual subscription price begins at $259 per year.

7. Mangools

Mangools Home Page

The mangools SEO toolkit is user-friendly and great for local SEO. It has features like KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler. They provide keyword research, SERP analysis, rank tracking, backlink analysis, and website profiling. 

Key Features

  • KWFinder

KWFinder stands out for its exceptional local keyword research ability. Businesses can find high-performing local keywords and understand their search volume. It helps to evaluate their competitiveness.

  • SERPChecker

Mangools’ SERPChecker offers comprehensive local search engine optimization analysis. The tool gives you insight into the local competition by analyzing top-ranking search results. This feature helps businesses determine how to rank higher in local searches.

  • SERPWatcher

SERPWatcher allows businesses to monitor their local search engine rankings over time. It tracks keyword positions in Google, Bing, and Yahoo so companies can measure local SEO effectiveness.


The starting price for mangools is €29, and three different pricing packages are available: entry, basic, and premium. 


Local SEO cannot be overlooked in this digital era if businesses want to thrive in their respective markets.

The tools mentioned above offer comprehensive solutions for improving local search rankings. These tools for local SEO simplify the SEO process and provide meaningful insights that can drive businesses to the top of local search results.

The bottom line is that local SEO tools enhance visibility, boost reputation, and help a business grow.


1. Why use local SEO tools?

Local SEO tools enhance your online visibility within your community, making it easier for local customers to find and engage with your business.

2. What is the cheapest SEO tool?

The cost-effective SEO tool landscape varies, but some budget-friendly options include SuiteJar, Google Analytics, and Rank Math for WordPress.

3. What is the most effective Local SEO tool?

Choosing the most effective local SEO tool depends on your needs and preferences. Some of the most popular and widely used options are SuiteJar, Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz, and Ubersuggest. When choosing a tool, it is necessary to explore its features, trial period, and user reviews to find one that aligns with your business objectives and budget.