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How To Link Google Search Console To GA4

May 09, 2024 |   Google Search Console with Google Analytics

Word in the streets has been that you will now be able to link your Google Search Console with your GA4 (Google Analytics 4), and there is no need to worry about compatibility! 

Google has initiated this new support to make it more user-friendly and comprehensive so that users can understand the performance of their content and act upon it.

How to link google search console to GA4

Aren’t quite sure what Google search console is?

Google Search Console is a customized tool for content creators and publishers to help them comprehend the relationship between audiences and their website content. You basically get an overview of how This new experience is powered by data from both Google Search Console and Google Analytics. 

So, why link the Google Search Console with your GA4? 

Simply put, you get visual proof of where your website stands regarding search results, What type of queries lead to clicks, how it influences user behavior and how many users convert, etc.

That said, let’s get a visual understanding of integrating the Google Search Console and Google Analytics 4!

How to link the Google search console to Google Analytics 4?

Step 1 

Ensure that you have authorization from either the Editor or Administrator for the Google Analytics 4 property you intend to integrate your Google Search Console account with: 

Step 1- create account

Step 2

Ensure that the email address you use to access your GA4 property is the same email address that you use to access your Google Search Console. 

Note: You must be an authorised Website owner.

Step 3

Before you integrate both entities together, ensure that your Google search Console and GA4 property are currently collecting data for your site.

Step 4

Go to your GA4 property and click on the ‘Admin’ option from the drop-down menu. 

step 4

Step 5

Once you click on the Admin option, go to the ‘Property’ column, scroll down, and click on the ‘Search Console Linking’ option from the ‘ Product Linking’ division. 

step 5

Step 6

Click on the ‘Link’ option!

step 6

Step 7

Upon clicking on the Link option, you get a side relay below the image to choose accounts. Click on ‘Choose accounts’ 

step 7

Step 8

You get to see another side relay which showcases all the Search console properties for which you are an authorised website owner. You can check the box which displays the Search Console property that you intend to link your GA4 with. 

step 8

Step 9

Click on the ‘Confirm’ option, which is present in the top right corner. 

step 9

Step 10

Click the ‘Next’ button

step 10

Step 11

Upon that, click the ‘Select’ option to select the web data stream for your site: 

step 11

Step 12

Select the web data stream for which you’re setting up the Google Search Console:

step 12

Step 13

You can view the data stream that you selected under the ‘Select Web Stream’ option. Click on to the ‘Next’ button:

step 13

Step 14

Go through your configuration settings and click on the ‘Submit’ button

step 14

Voila! You just linked your Google Search Console to your GA4 property!

You should be able to view a ‘Link Created’ relay like the image showcased below:

Created link to search console properties
create a link with search console

Why Do You Need To Integrate SuiteJar With Google Search Console?

Let’s take it up a notch now. What do you get by integrating SuiteJar with Google Search Console? 

So, SuiteJar is an SEO tool that has all the functionalities to produce the right content that helps you attract web traffic. And when integrated with Google Search Console, you get to

  • Put out quality web pages that have the potential to rank higher in search results.
  • Improve rankings for underperforming keywords & get access to the right keywords that should be included in your content.
  • Fixe Sitemap issues effortlessly.
  • Figure out which type of content attracts the most backlinks.
  • Most importantly, get a detailed analysis of the performance of your web pages and the whole website in general.

How does Connecting SuiteJar with Google Search Console & GA4 help you?

Once you connect SuiteJar with your Google Search Console and Google Analytics 4, you get all the data from one entity. 

SuiteJar will produce all the necessary data for all your SEO and content marketing activities, and you won’t have to juggle between applications to analyze data.

  • With the SuiteJar integration, you can effortlessly find the metrics related to your website with default filters.
  • SuiteJar integration improves data-driven marketing strategies.
  • You gain predictive insights. You can analyze user behavior patterns and make necessary adjustments.
  • You gain all the necessary insights from one single entity.

With that being said, it is Good for SEO enthusiasts and content marketers that Google has decided to facilitate compatibility between both platforms (Search Console & GA4). But what’s even better is the fact that you get to integrate a compatible SEO tool like SuiteJar and access all forms of data from one place, thus making your campaigns an effortless masterpiece!

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