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30 Best Black Friday SaaS Deals for 2023

Nov 16, 2023 |  

Hey there, Black Friday is approaching, and the deals are on!🚨🚨  

​We’ve curated a selection of Black Friday SaaS deals tailored just for your business essentials. From tools that enhance online visibility to those designed for ad management, social media, and even team collaboration, our list has it all!  

Although most of these sweet discounts are up for grabs throughout the Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend, a few are exclusive to Black Friday only.   

So, why wait? Punch in that promo code now and snag the best bargain!  

And hey, to make your deal-hunting smoother, we’ve organized these top SaaS deals for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday into distinct categories. This way, you’re set to catch every deal without missing a beat! 💰

Let’s get started.

SEO Tools

1. SuiteJar

SuiteJar Home Page

SuiteJar is an all-in-one SEO and content marketing tool. They offer a range of features, including a website auditor, keyword planner, rank tracker, and more. But the one that stands out from the rest is their – First Page Ranker.

The feature lists the existing web page content that has the most potential to rank and help you achieve it.

Black Friday Offer – Get a discount of up to 52%

Validity – December 31, 2023

2. SEMrush


SEMrush helps you better understand your competitors’ strategies and provides insights for SEO, content marketing, PPC campaigns, and more. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools to track rankings, check website health metrics, identify technical issues, and monitor backlinks.   

Black Friday Offer: Get up to 40% off on all SEMrush plans!   

Validity – December 31st 2022  

3. MOZ


Moz is an SEO platform that offers powerful tools such as link building, site auditing, reporting, keyword research, and more. It also allows you to monitor your website’s performance in terms of organic search engine rankings.   

Black Friday Offer: Get 35% off on all Moz plans!   

Validity – December 31st, 2023

4. Seodity 

Seodity Home Page

Seodity is a fast and easy-to-use SEO tool. It offers features like keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink monitoring, website audit, and more. With Seoaudity, you can quickly identify areas of your website that need improvement to enhance search engine rankings.   

Black Friday Offer – A lifetime 50% discount on all plans. (Coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY2022)  

Offer Validity: 14th Nov to 1st Dec 2022

5. SE Ranking

SE Ranking Home Page

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO software suite. It offers tools and features to help businesses improve their online visibility in search engines. The software is designed for SEO professionals, marketers, and business owners. 

Black Friday Offer – Get 25% off annual subscriptions and a 20% discount on all monthly plans.   

Offer Validity: December 31, 2022.

Survey Software

6. SurveySensum

SurveySensum Home Page

SurveySensum is a customer-focused platform dedicated to facilitating effective feedback management for businesses. The tool offers a range of features, including – 

  •  In-built survey templates 
  • Online and WhatsApp surveys 
  • Multilingual surveys 
  • Role-based dashboards 

It also boasts seamless integration capabilities and advanced text analysis. The platform is highly accessible, with a free trial and flexible pricing based on the number of responses needed. Bridge the gap between your businesses and customers with SurveySensum.

Black Friday Offer: Get a 25% discount on monthly plans.   

Offer Validity: 31st Dec 2022 (2023 offer yet to be disclosed)

7. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey Home Page

Survey Monkey is a popular survey tool designed for businesses of all sizes. It provides features like custom survey design, customizable reports, and more. Businesses can use this software to create surveys and track responses in real time.   

Black Friday Offer: Get 50% off all annual plans and a 25% discount on monthly plans.   

Offer Validity: 31st Dec 2022  

8. Medallia

Medallia Home Page

Medallia is a customer experience management tool that helps businesses understand their customers’ needs and preferences. It offers features such as sentiment analysis, reporting, and more. With Medallia, businesses can track customer satisfaction levels across various touchpoints and gain insights into how to optimize the customer journey.   

Black Friday Offer: Get 30% off all annual plans and a 15% discount on monthly plans.   

Offer Validity: 31st Dec 2022

9. Alchemer [SurveyGizmo]

Alchemer [SurveyGizmo] Home Page

Alchemer is a powerful survey platform designed for businesses of all sizes. It provides features such as custom survey design, customizable reports, and more. Businesses can use this software to create surveys and track responses in real time, allowing them to gain valuable insights into their customer base.   

Black Friday Offer: Get 40% off all annual plans and a 25% discount on monthly plans.   

Offer Validity: 31st Dec 2022

10. Typeform

Typeform Home Page

Typeform is a popular survey tool that allows businesses to create surveys and track responses in real time. With Typeform, businesses can gain valuable insights into their customer base by understanding customer sentiment and preferences.   

Black Friday Offer: Get 50% off all annual plans and a 20% discount on monthly plans.   

Offer Validity: 31st Dec 2022

11. Impulze

Impulze Home Page

Impulze is a relatively newer entrant in the influencer marketing arena. It assists brands in identifying and collaborating with influencers, streamlining campaigns, and tracking ROI.  

Black Friday Offer: 25% off on annual subscriptions.  

12. Upfluence

Upfluence Home Page

Upfluence is a comprehensive influencer marketing platform that provides tools for influencer discovery, relationship management, and campaign performance analysis.  

Black Friday Offer: 50% off on their premium plan.

Offer Validity: 31st Dec 2022  

13. Klear

Klear Home Page

Klear specializes in helping brands find and collaborate with top influencers in their industry. Its advanced analytics also provide insights into campaign performance and influencer engagement.  

Black Friday Offer: 25% off on all plans.

Offer validity: Till the end of 2021. They are yet to offer for 2023.

14. Tribe

Tribe Home Page

Tribe is a platform where brands can connect with micro-influencers. Brands can create campaigns, and influencers can submit their content for approval, streamlining the process for both parties.  

Black Friday Offer: Lifetime discount of 50%

Offer validity: Till 2022. They are yet to disclose their offer for 2023.

Social Media Management tool

15. SocialBee

SocialBee Home Page

SocialBee offers content curation, scheduling, and social media automation tools. It’s particularly known for its evergreen content features, allowing for optimal post-recycling.  

Black Friday Offer: 70% discount on all tool plans (Discount code: SOCIALBEEBF22) 

Offer Validity: November 21st to 28th, 2022.

16. SmarterQueue

SmarterQueue Home Page

SmarterQueue provides robust scheduling and analytics for social media posts. Its visual content calendar and post-recycling features are particularly popular among users.  

Black Friday Offer: Lifetime discount of 50%.

Offer Validty: Nov 30th, 2022 

17. ContentStudio

ContentStudio Home Page

ContentStudio is a multi-use platform that combines content discovery, social media management, and content automation. It is especially useful for content marketers looking for trending content to share.  

Black Friday Offer:  30% discount on annual plans

Offer validity: November 25 to December 2, 2022.

CRM Systems

18. Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM Home Page

Hubspot CRM is a part of Hubspot’s broader suite of inbound marketing and sales tools. It offers a free, user-friendly CRM platform that integrates seamlessly with other Hubspot products.  

Black Friday Offer: 20% discount on all plans

Offer validity: November 25 to December 1, 2022

19. Salesflare

Salesflare Home Page

Salesflare is designed for small businesses and startups. It automates a lot of the data entry processes associated with CRM systems, making it easier for teams to focus on relationship building.  

Black Friday Offer: 50% discount on annual plans

Offer validity: November 21 to 29, 2022.

20. NetHunt CRM

NetHunt CRM Home Page

NetHunt CRM integrates directly with Gmail, allowing businesses to turn their inboxes into a CRM system. It’s designed to link emails to leads, offers customizable CRM views, and has a suite of sales automation tools.   

Black Friday Offer: 20% discount on any plan for 12 months for new users ( Promo Code – “NH_BF_2022”)

Offer validity: November 25 to December 12, 2022.

Email Marketing Tools

21. MailChimp

MailChimp Home Page

MailChimp is an easy-to-use platform for businesses to create, send, and analyze email campaigns. The approach toward marketing focuses on healthy contact management practices, beautifully designed campaigns, and robust data analysis. It’s widely known for its email marketing services but also provides other features like landing pages and customer journey maps. 

Black Friday Offer: 40% off for four months

22. EmailOctopus

EmailOctopus Home Page

EmailOctopus is an affordable, user-friendly email marketing tool providing smooth, efficient service. It is famous for being straightforward and functional. It has customizable templates and real-time analytics.

 It also has automated email sequences. Small businesses love it because it can deliver many emails simultaneously without losing quality. 

Black Friday Offer: Save 50% off your first three months

23. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign Home Page

ActiveCampaign is an innovative email marketing platform that allows businesses to send fewer emails and get better results. This tool helps you send emails to engage with your audience better. It has advanced automation, segmentation, and personalization features. ActiveCampaign provides CRM and sales automation. This helps your marketing strategy align with your sales process. 

Black Friday Offer:

  • 40% off on the plus plan
  • 30% off on the professional plan
  • 20% off on the enterprise plan

24. MailerLite

MailerLite Home Page

MailerLite is a top email marketing tool. It is known for being simple but still powerful. The interface is easy to use. The software has helpful tools like a text editor, HTML editor, drag-and-drop editor, and photo editing. 

Users can use MailerLite to create attractive newsletters. They can also track results and manage subscribers in real time. The tool’s seamless integration with popular apps and platforms further enhances its utility.

Black Friday Offer: 33% off the annual advanced plan or 90% off 1st month growing / advanced plan (Validity: November 16 to December 07, 2023)

25. GetResponse

GetResponse Home Page

GetResponse is a robust email marketing platform that enables businesses to communicate effortlessly with customers of any size. GetResponse has many tools and features. It is excellent for designing and implementing email marketing campaigns. The platform’s automation makes it easier to manage customer journeys. Its analytics track and optimize campaigns.

Black Friday Offer: 40% discount on any plan, including the basic, plus, and professional plans.

Designing Tool

26. Placeit

Placeit Home Page

Placeit is an innovative design tool offering creative solutions to businesses and individuals. The platform has templates for quickly making logos, mockups, videos, and social media posts. Placeit makes design easy for all users, no matter their expertise, with its simple interface and drag-and-drop features. 

Black Friday Offer: 

  • 50% off to active annual subscribers (November 20th – 27th) 
  • 25% off to new users/visitors and monthly subscribers (November 24th – 27th)

27. ThemeSelection

ThemeSelection Home Page

ThemeSelection is a digital tool that offers an extensive range of high-quality, pre-designed themes for various platforms such as WordPress, Angular, Laravel, and more. This tool is excellent for developers, web designers, and businesses who want to create a visually appealing online presence. In addition, users can customize their websites to match their preferences. 

Black Friday Offer: 30% discount on all themes and subscriptions (sale ends on November 30)

28. Dreamstime

Dreamstime Home Page

Dreamstime is a popular website with great pictures, drawings, and videos. The library has many creative options for graphic designers, marketers, and businesses. Dreamstime is dedicated to keeping its content diverse and high-quality for users worldwide. 

Black Friday Offer: Save 50% on all plans

29. Glorify

Glorify Home Page

Glorify is a famous tool that makes it easy to create attractive marketing materials. Glorify empowers businesses and marketing professionals to quickly plan and execute their visual content strategy. Even people without design experience can create templates for social media and websites. These templates can then be customized.

Black Friday Offer: 80% off on pro plans

30. InVideo

InVideo Home Page

InVideo is an easy-to-use platform for creating professional videos for businesses and individuals. InVideo is excellent for beginners because it has many ready-to-use templates and stock footage. The editor is easy to use. Creating videos is now easy and fun with InVideo. Its features and interface adapt to social media, presentations, and marketing campaigns.

Black Friday SaaS Deals: Save 50% yearly

Don’t miss out on these amazing Black Friday offers for SaaS products! Get the most out of your SaaS investment this holiday season with 30% to 60% discounts.   

Hurry and get your hands on these limited-time deals before they expire. Happy shopping, and have a wonderful holiday season!