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7 Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Website Performance

Nov 27, 2023 |   Best Free SEO Tools

A website owner who wants their business featured on Google needs Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and it’s a long-term strategy. 

There’s a lot to SEO, so getting started can take much work. It would help if you worked continuously on optimizing your site to ensure that your website will be able to attract customers organically. Proper SEO tools are crucial in optimizing your website for top search engine rankings. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a startup, a small business, or a freelancer on a budget. The right affordable SEO tools can make all the difference.

Check out these 7 free SEO tools that simplify SEO and empower you to outshine your competitors. 

7 Must-Have Free SEO Tools

1. SuiteJar

SuiteJar Home Page

Best For: Best for keyword, content, and backlink analysis. Also helps marketers optimize and update old content.

Free version: Available

Starting price: At $9 per month

SuiteJar is a full-featured SEO tool for startups, small to medium-sized businesses, and freelancers with limited budgets. Its extensive features make it a cost-effective solution for optimizing your online presence and meeting all your SEO-related needs.

SuiteJar’s First Page Ranker is one of its main features. It helps you identify all of the existing pages that have the potential to rank on search engine results pages. It gives you actionable insights, like missing keywords or technical errors.


Key Features

  • Easy Web Analytics: 

This feature collects all your critical data from GA4 and visualizes it in one place. You can quickly analyze website data and develop strategies to improve performance.

  • Outdated Pages: 

This feature identifies all your outdated content. Keeping your website content up-to-date is easier when you know what content should be maintained and what should be removed.

Check out this blog to discover a few content analysis tools.

  • Keyword Planner: 

You can find the perfect keywords for your SEO strategy based on keyword volume, SEO difficulty, and other metrics. Get insights into your CPC and paid difficulty to run successful ads.

  • Broken Link Checker:

 This feature detects broken links on your website. The tool provides source URL, anchor text, target URL, and error information to help you resolve broken links.

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2. Google Search Console


Best For: Monitoring and optimizing website performance in Google Search results.

Free version: Completely Free

Google Search Console is a free SEO tool provided by Google that allows web admins and site owners to monitor, manage, and optimize their website’s presence in the Google search results. By using Google Search Console, you can improve the website’s performance in Google’s search results and enhance the overall user experience.

Key Features

  • Performance Reports:

 Google Search Console offers detailed performance reports that provide insights into how well your website is performing in Google Search.

  • Index Coverage Report:

 The Index Coverage Report in Google Search Console helps to understand how Google crawls and indexes its websites. It displays indexed pages, including those with errors, excluded, and valid pages.

  • Sitemap Submission:

 Users can submit XML sitemaps in Google Search Console, which helps search engines understand a website’s structure. Submitting a sitemap can ensure that all relevant pages are indexed efficiently.

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics home page

Best For: Used for in-depth analysis of website traffic, user behavior, and marketing effectiveness.

Free version: Completely Free

Google Analytics is a free SEO tool that offers insights into website performance, user behavior, and overall online engagement. Providing website owners and SEO professionals free access to SEO data, Google Analytics allows them to make data-driven decisions, optimize the user experience, and enhance their online presence.

Key Features

  • Traffic Analysis:

Google Analytics offers a comprehensive understanding of website traffic, including visitor numbers, geographical location, and the devices used to access the site.

  • Conversion Tracking:

Track and measure user conversions, whether completing a purchase, a form or achieving another predefined goal.

  • Real-Time Analytics:

Monitor website activity in real time, providing instant insights into user interactions. Real-time analytics tracks the immediate impact of marketing campaigns or website updates.

4. Spyfu


Best For: Best for competitive intelligence, providing insights into competitors’ keywords and ad strategies.

Free Version: Available (but has limitations)

Starting Price: $39 per month

SpyFu is a search engine optimization tool that provides competitive intelligence and keyword research insights to help businesses enhance their online presence. Analyzing competitors’ strategies, keywords, and ad campaigns offers actionable insights to improve SEO and digital marketing.

Key Features

  • Competitor Analysis: 

SpyFu provides detailed information about competitors’ online activities. Users can gain insights into their competitors’ keywords organically and through paid advertising.

  • Keyword Research: 

The tool offers robust keyword research capabilities, allowing users to identify high-performing keywords relevant to their industry or niche. 

  • Backlink Analysis: 

This backlink analysis feature allows users to examine the link-building strategies of their competitors. It provides information on a competitor’s backlinks and their quality.

5. Mangools

Mangools Home Page

Best for: Best for streamlined keyword research, competitor analysis, and comprehensive website assessment.

Free version: Available

Starting price: €12 per month

Mangools is a complete SEO toolset designed to assist digital marketers, SEO professionals, and website owners optimize their online presence. With a user-friendly interface and a focus on delivering actionable insights, Mangools provides a suite of features to streamline keyword research, competitor analysis, and website optimization strategies.

Key Features

  • KWFinder

KWFinder stands out for its user-friendly keyword research approach. It helps users discover valuable keywords by providing insights into search volume, keyword difficulty, and trends.

  • SERPChecker

The feature provides valuable metrics like domain authority, page authority, and backlink profiles, offering insights to refine SEO strategies and outperform competitors.

  • SiteProfiler

SiteProfiler gives you an overview of how your website’s doing. Users can quickly assess metrics such as domain authority, backlink counts, and organic search traffic. You can also find broken links that are associated with your website and fix them in order to improve its search engine ranking

6. SERanking

SE Ranking Home page

Best for: All-in-one SEO solutions, including keyword tracking, on-page SEO audit, and backlink analysis.

Free version: Available (but there are limitations)

Starting price: $44 per month

SE Ranking is an effective SEO tool that helps you optimize your online presence and improve your search engine rankings. While SE Ranking is mainly a subscription-based service, it does offer a trial version so users can try it out.

Key Features

  • CMS Checker:

With the help of this tool, you can quickly identify the Content Management System (CMS) being used by a website.

  • Subdomain Finder:

You can find all search engine-indexed subdomains by using the feature.

  • Domain Age Checker:

You can find out the age of any domain and additional information such as the date of creation and expiration.

  • Website Speed Checker:

With this feature, you can check the loading speed of the website.

7. SEMrush


Best for: Complete digital marketing insights, offering features for SEO, PPC, and competitor analysis.

Free version: Available (but there are limitations)

Starting price: $129 per month

SEMrush is a digital marketing tool suite designed to assist businesses and marketers in optimizing their online presence. Using its advanced features, you can improve website performance, increase organic visibility, and outperform your competitors.

If SEMrush’s starting price feels high, check out this blog for budget-friendly alternatives for SEMrush.

Key Features

  • Keyword Research:

 SEMrush excels at keyword research, helping users identify relevant and high-performing keywords for their niche. The tool provides valuable data such as search volume, keyword difficulty, and CPC (Cost Per Click).

  • Competitive Analysis: 

Using the tool, users can compare their performance against competitors, identify gaps in their strategy, and uncover competitive opportunities.

  • Site Audit and Backlink Analysis: 

It provides insights into broken links, page load times, and mobile optimization. This allows users to improve their websites’ overall health.

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To sum it up, these 7 free SEO tools provide users with the features to enhance their websites, understand competitors, and make data-driven decisions to boost search engine rankings. 

Whether you’re doing keyword research, competitor analysis, or technical SEO, you can use these affordable seo tools to boost your online success.

Make your website rank at the top of the search results by selecting the right SEO tool.

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